About myself


About Me


I am a muddlehead…
Haven’t understood myself yet…
Always find myself between two fires…
Often get failed in the major runs of life…
But do have never-give up-attitude… 


Am moustachioed and bearded… (But am still handsome! lol)
They ask me the mystery behind the hirsute appearance

How would I answer?
Shall I tell them that I am a “naturist?”
(Hope you are capable of distinguishing between naturism amd nudism)

Am lacto-vegetarian, but don’t say NO to honey.

(Once I tried to be a vegan, but failed. You know a 5’11” guy weighed only 52 kg that time!)
Am a teetotaller…

Many take me for a Nordic, some for an Israeli, a few for Sikh… but am a Nepali.

You won’t believe…. Have never proposed anyone and have never been proposed!

But easily get infatuated…….
Pretend to believe in Platonic love…..!

But SHE says I have a lecherous gleam in my eye…

Sometimes I feel that I am of complex character: a wise spellhead!!!

Love writing poems (in Nepali, sometimes in Deutsch, and once in blue moon in English)

But hardly understand the English songs!
Is Jim alive, I always wonder!

Truly speaking, I love smelling the smoke of the green when others are smoking!
Once in a year, I do smoke the Shivabuti!

I wish I won Nobel Prize!! hehehe!!
I wish I won Putlizer’s too!!!

I should not forget:
Prasuti Griha where I was born
The HVM, where I studied
The NSS, where I studied
Tri-Chandra, where I studied
THT, where I worked and learned what the heck journalism is.
The CDM, Ruhmstadt, where I presently am at.


Who I’d Like To Meet If you are cool, of course, YOU!
Besides, Him, Her and Them!       

Though not possible, THAT SWEET ME! (I wish I were an innocent child again!)


Interests many many things… to mention from a to z, the spac would be insufficient      


Favorite Music klassiches Deutsche Musik, Groene Meyer’s, Narayan Gopal’s, Nepali folk, Hindi songs of the 70s to 80s, Raagas      


Favorite Movies Am green at recalling the name of the movies…..      


Favorite TV Shows Though not a couch potato, I like “Sexiest commercials” (is the name corrrect?)@AXN, Hardtalk@BBC, Dishanirdesh@NTV, Adult movies@REN TV……………..Funniest animals@Animal Planet……      


Favorite Books Don Quixote, O Henry’s, Khalil Gibran’s, Mutter Courage, Galilei, Siddhartha, etc. …      


Favorite Quote *Am Grunde der Moldau wandern die Steine
Es liegen drei Kaiser begraben in Prag
Das Grosse bleibt gross nicht und klein nicht das Kleine.
Die Nacht hat zwoelf Stunden, dann kommt schon der Tag
Es wechseln die Zeiten. Die riesigen Plaene
Der Maechtigen kommen am Ende zum Halt
Und gehn sie einher auch wie blutige Haehne
Es wechseln die Zeiten, da hilft kein Gewalt
* Du hattest keine
Ich hatt eine: Ich liebe.
*Live life king size
*Forget me not
*Who am I?
*Ich will mit dir schlafen

I copied this from my hi5 profile http://www.hi5.com/friend/profile/displayProfile.do?userid=6004802

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